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本中心所有課程正常進行 務請帶備口罩上課 必要時或需探熱

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Hong Kong Officials Training Centre is specialized in providing quality preparation training and relevant services for those who want to work in the public sector in Hong Kong. These include civil service positions and other jobs of similar nature.

We do this by attracting the best tutors and trainers who have the same aspiration with us, endeavouring to help people to pursue their dreams in public services. We make sure that our courses and services are of the best quality, and taking a leader position in Hong Kong. Our services are inherited from Graceyard Education Centre, who was well-known for their courses and programs in this area.

(We are a privately-owned training centre that does not belong to any other companies including Graceyard Education Centre, and we are not a government department.)


We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the centre.

Tel: 39769310

WhatsApp: 97130477










WhatsApp: 97130477





Support Hotline: 3976 9310


Whatsapp WhatsApp: 9713 0477